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Monday, 30 June 2014 00:00

Huion H610 Graphics Tablet

Recently I've got more and more into colourising old black and white photos using Photoshop but have often found that using a mouse is quite cumbersome when it comes to making fine selections and 'painting' accurately. The obvious solution was to use a graphics tablet but which one? In the past, many years ago, I've owned two graphics tablets but never liked either of them. The first was a basic one, I think made my Trust but it was quite frankly rubbish and no better than using a mouse. This was partly due to the pen being very 'unpenlike' and unwieldy, partly due to the fact that the surface of the tablet was very shiny and so the pen just slipped over it and partly because it offered no varying levels of pressure, it was just on or off.

The second one I owned was a Wacom one. Now Wacom undoubtedly make some of the best graphic tablets going but they also cost a lot of money. Whilst this tablet was much better than the Trust one it was also tiny, so tiny that it was very hard to use accurately. With it being nearly 10 years since I last used a graphics tablet, how much had the technology come on and were Wacom still pretty much the old brand you should consider?

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 00:00

How To Fix Wi-Fi Drop Outs in OSX Lion

If you own an Apple Mac and are running their current version of OSX, OSX Lion, the chances are that you are one of the countless thousands of users that are suffering Wi-Fi drop outs. The majority of people affected by this bug say that their Mac will not connect to their Wi-Fi after the computer wakes from sleep. However numerous others also report that their Mac's can simply suddenly 'drop' the Wi-Fi connection and that this can have several times a day and completely at random. There are hundreds of websites listing all kinds of different solutions, for some these solutions work, for others though they do not. Apple themselves say that they addressed the problem by releasing a patch for OSX but whilst it fixed it for some, for others it did not and worryingly it even introduced it for others. I think though that I have found a solution, or at least one that seems so far to work for me so hopefully it will work for you too.

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