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W&W Inno CXT Riser


Tuesday, 11 August 2015 15:18

W&W Inno CXT Riser Featured

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W&W Inno CXT Riser W&W Inno CXT Riser

When I took up archery my first riser was the Sebastian Flute Forged Plus and I still think this is one of the best risers for a beginner as it has all the features of a more advanced riser but at a fraction of the price and most importantly shoots very well. Having reached a stage where I'm looking to progress further in archery I decided that it was time to upgrade my riser.

It's no secret that the two biggest names in recurve bows are Hoyt and Win & Win and when you are looking at spending £300 - £500 on a riser there is very little to separate them with the largest decision factor being personal preference in how they feel and shoot to the individual.

Having fairly recently bought a new pair of Win & Win Rapido limbs and having previously shot a Sebastian Flute riser, which is made in the Win & Win factory, it made sense for me to buy a Win & Win riser and initially I started looking at the Winex riser. The Winex is certainly a very fine riser but I figured that if I was going to spend a few hundred pounds on a riser I may as well do it once and buy the best I could afford and so looked at the Inno range. As I didn't want an aluminum riser that ruled out the Inno AXT and Inno AL1 and so I opted to buy the Inno CXT.


The first thing I noticed when I received my Inno CXT was the grip, it felt so different compared to the SF Forged Plus. By comparison the Inno CXT's grip is far thicker and gives a far more positive grip in my hand. In fact it wasn't until holding the CXT that I realised just how 'weedy' the grip was on the Forged Plus.

Weight wise it is noticeably heavier than the Forged Plus. The Forged plus weighs in at 1.150Kg whilst the Inno CXT weighs 1.250Kg (25" riser) whilst only 100g heavier it is noticeable for the duration of a round/tournament. However whilst it may be a bit heavier it is vastly more stable.

The first few ends I shot with the Inno CXT were quite an eye opener. Gone was much of the vibration and this was shown by an improvement on my sight marks, each shot just felt more 'solid'. So different was the feel that it took a while before it felt like 'my bow'. I was so used to what the Forged Plus felt like that I could feel good shots and bad ones, I knew what it was 'telling me'. Initially the Inno CXT seemed to be speaking a different language. After a few ends I started to get the feel of the bow and my groups got tighter and tighter to the point where I honestly feel I was grouping far tighter than I ever did with the Forged Plus.

I've been shooting with the Inno CXT for a couple of months now and have to say that I absolutely love it. It may be expensive, very expensive but it is nothing short of superb.

What are the positive things about the Inno CXT?

  • It is a very solid platform, you can feel that all the energy is transferred into the arrow rather than being lost by twisting or vibration.

  • The grip is a massive improvement. It just fits my hand so much better and makes it feel very responsive. It's not without it's faults though, see the negative things about the CXT.
  • It looks stunning. Okay, I know it's shallow and doesn't affect how it shoots does look lovely!
  • You can add or remove side weights to suit your personal preference and ensure the bow is completely balanced.


What are the negative things about the Inno CXT?

  • The price. It is expensive but then you are getting one hell of a riser and it's not massively more expensive than similar risers.
  • The grip. As much as I love the grip I've also noticed that the rubber that the grip is made of allows my hand to slip ever so slightly if the grip is wet or my hands are sweaty. I think it might actually be that it feels like my hand might slip rather than it actually slipping as I've not seen any arrows going where they shouldn't. I'm not the only one to notice this, a friend at my club who also has the Inno CXT has said exactly the same thing. Strangely this was not something I noticed on the Forged Plus even though the grip didn't fit my hand as well as the Inno CXT. A bit of tape fixes this issue though.


All in all the Inno CXT is one hell of a riser and an absolute pleasure to shoot.


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